The Radiopharmaceutical Production Center is located on the ground floor of the Instituto do Cebra do RS, and has an area of approximately 900m 2. In its structure, it has a bunker where the cyclotron is installed, particle accelerator equipment that is capable of producing radioactive material used for medical purposes (eg 18 F, 11 C, 13 N and 15 º). In addition, it consists of the Production, Physical-Chemical Quality Control and Microbiological Quality Control Laboratories. In the Production Laboratory, automated equipment is installed inside hot cells (armored chapels) for the synthesis of radiopharmaceuticals.

The structure is equipped with the most modern technology for the production of radiopharmaceuticals, built within the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practices for Medicines recommended by the National Health Surveillance Agency. The requirements of the National Nuclear Energy Commission are also covered, through specific rules aimed at the safety of the patient, workers and the environment.

The radiopharmaceuticals manufactured at InsCer are used internally for patients treated at the Institute's Molecular Imaging Center, and are also sent to external customers, through a partnership with R2, a leading private company in the radiopharmaceutical industry in Brazil. In addition to the production of radiopharmaceuticals known and used worldwide for application in the diagnostic imaging technique, PET / CT (Positron Emission Tomography coupled to Computed Tomography), InsCer's Radiopharmaceutical Production Center works on the development of new products. The main objective is to develop products that have the potential to be used in the clinical routine, contributing to the better prognosis of the thousands of patients who have cancer and other diseases.