The Brazilian Union of Education and Assistance (Ubea) is a charitable institution of social, educational, community, philanthropic and non-profit assistance. As the sponsor of the Rio Grande do Sul Brain Institute, Ubea aims to foster scientific production in the field of neurology and provide a quality service to the population. Values such as humanization, innovation and pioneering are part of InsCer's philosophy and are therefore aligned with Ubea's mission.

The sponsor aims to promote education - especially higher education -, social assistance, health, culture, research, sport, ecology, environmental protection, professional qualification, integration to the labor market and other charitable activities in an integrated way with sectoral policies, aiming at the attendance, advice, defense and guarantee of rights, being able, for this, to sign agreements, contracts and partnerships.


  • Go. Inacio Nestor Etges

Vice President

  • Go. Odilmar José Civa Fachi


  • Go. Lauro Francisco Hochscheidt


  • Go. Sandro André Bobrzyk

Board of Directors

  • Go. Deivis Alexandre Fischer
  • Go. Manuir José Mentges
  • Go. Odilmar José Civa Fachi
  • Go. Onorino Moresco
  • Go. Sandro André Bobrzyk