Sponsoring organization

The Brazilian Union of Education and Assistance (UBEA) is a non-profit, philanthropic charitable institution to provide social, educational and community support. UBEA, as the sponsoring organization of the Brain Institute of Rio Grande do Sul, aims to encourage research in the field of neurology and provide services to the public. InsCer’s philosophy is based on values such as humanity, innovation and a pioneering spirit and therefore are aligned with UBEA’s mission.

The purpose of the sponsoring organization is to promote education - in particular Higher Education -, social support, healthcare, culture, research, sports, ecology, environmental protection, professional development, careers support and other charitable activities, linked to industry policies, to provide services, advice, advocacy or enforcing rights, and for these purposes may sign agreements, contracts and partnerships.





  • Br. Deivis Alexandre Fischer


  • Br. Dionísio Roberto Rodrigues


  • Br. Lauri Heck


  • Br. Miguel Antonio Orlandi

Executive board

  • Br. Danilo Correia Bezerra
  • Br. Jorge Luís Tonetto
  • Br. José Carlos da Silva Bittencourt
  • Luis Antonio Janssen
  • Br. Manuir José Mentges