InsCer, as well as being a center for research, product development and medical services, also has cultural attractions for its visitors - patients, companions, visitors, doctors, employees, researchers and students, the academic community and the general public. These projects we created are culturally enriching and help with cognitive development.

  • Cultural Hemisphere

    This a a joint musical project between InsCer and PUCRS Cultura, curated by the conductor Marcio Buzatto. It is a series of free concerts, which have been taking place on the first Thursday of every month in 2022. The events are held at the InsCer amphitheater (building 63) and are sponsored by Unicred Porto Alegre.

  • Library

    This project was created jointly with the Brother José Otão Library, from PUCRS. It helps InsCer employees access this collection in the University. Books may be loaned out through the special website and are issued and collected at InsCer every Friday.