Ethics and Compliance

Our compliance and integrity program, “Our Values”, aims to improve the working environment, continuously. It is infused by the ideals that underlie the mission of the Marist Network. This initiative was implemented in 2014, and aims to improve processes, address possible risks and, above all, encourage people to practice our institutional values. Its scope includes employees, Marist Brothers, patients, students, partners, and the public in general.

The program contains ten elements that strengthen our institutional culture of transparency and integrity. Some of the most important are:


The Code of Conduct – This document lists the behavior expected of the Brothers and the staff of the institution.

Our Values Portal – communications channel for concerns or suggestions and asking questions safely and confidentially. Access the portal by clicking here.

The Institute’s Ethics Committee – This consists of a multidisciplinary team who are responsible for the Code of Conduct, deal with any non-compliance and design policies for continuing education.