In the book Awakenings, Oliver Sacks tells the story of a medical researcher who sees, patients in a catatonic state as a result of encephalitis lethargica, in the chronic diseases ward of a neurology hospital. He manages to “awaken” them by prescribing a drug now widely used in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, L-DOPA. Freed from their catatonic state, they wake up and are alive again. That is an example of science giving hope to these patients. At the Brain Institute of Rio Grande do Sul, we also experience moments of awakening and hope. Awakening to new knowledge and new possibilities and hope from new discoveries and possible cures. We want to bring people more and more from our studies and our research. InsCer is determined to meet the expectations of the community and we are committed to finding knowledge and new discoveries that will improve the suffering of patients.

Dr. Jaderson Costa da Costa



  • Evilázio Teixeira - President
  • Jaderson Costa da Costa - Vice-President
  • Alam de Oliveira Casartelli
  • Carlos Eduardo Lobo e Silva
  • Leonardo Araújo Pinto
  • Marcelo Bonhemberger
  • Marcos Alexandre Másera
  • Osmar Terra