In the book Awakenings, Oliver Sacks recounts the story of the medical researcher who, in the ward of chronic diseases at a neurological hospital, sees patients suffering from catatonic state due to lethargic encephalitis. Prescribing a drug now widely used in the treatment of Parkinson's disease, L-DOPA, manages to "wake them up". They get rid of that catatonic state and wake up to life. It is science giving hope to these patients. At the Brain Institute of RS we also live moments of awakening and hope. Awakening to new knowledge, new possibilities and hope for new discoveries and possible cures. We want to bring our studies and research to our community more and more. InsCer is legitimate in its determination to meet the expectations of its community and in its commitment to seek knowledge and discoveries that alleviate the suffering of patients.

Dr. Jaderson Costa da Costa



  • Jaderson Costa da Costa, presidente
  • Magda Lahorgue Nunes, vice-diretora
  • Alam de Oliveira Casartelli
  • Carla Denise Bonan
  • Jefferson Braga da Silva
  • Marcelo Bonhenberger
  • Marcos Alexandre Másera
  • Osmar Terra
  • Clarissa Lopes Bellarmino, Executive Secretary