Laboratory of Neurotoxins

Premises of the Neurotoxin Research Group, which studies natural polypeptide neurotoxins produced by pathogenic bacteria, plants and fungi.

Structure: high performance liquid chromatographs (01 HPLC; 02 Akta); plate reader for UV and visible absorbance, fluorescence and luminescence; benchtop refrigerated centrifuge; room with flow hood NB-2 (biosafety level 2); incubator (shaker suitcase); electrophoresis and Western blot equipment



Augusto Frantz Uberti
Matheus Vinicius Coste Grahl
Carlo Frederico Moro
Kelvin Siqueira Hohl
Lucca Kroeff Lima
Camili Zanella Zotti



+55 (51) 3320-5986

Main projects

  • Multifunctionality of ureases: virulence factor of microorganisms and role in plant defense
  • Characterization of the neurotoxic and pro-inflammatory properties of urease from Proteus mirabilis: potential contributions to human pathologies
  • Helicobacter pylori urease and tau protein hyperphosphorylation - implications for taupathies and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Involvement of eicosanoids in neuroinflammation, neurotoxicity and neurodegeneration
  • Inhibitors of non-enzymatic urease activities - in silico and in vitro studies with potential urease inhibitor peptides

Main articles

  • Helicobacter pylori Urease: Potential Contributions to Alzheimer’s Disease. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, v.23, p.3091, 2022. Uberti, Augusto F.; Callai-Silva, Natalia; Grahl, Matheus V. C.; Piovesan, Angela R.; Nachtigall, Eduarda G.; Furini, Cristiane R. G.; Carlini, Celia R. Click here
  • Neurotoxic and convulsant effects induced by Jack Bean Ureases on the Mammalian Nervous System. Toxicology, v.454, p.152737 - , 2021. Almeida, Carlos G. M.; Higuchi, Kiyo C.; Piovesan, Angela R.; Moro, Carlo F.; Venturin, Gianina T.; Greggio, Samuel; Costa-Ferro, Zaquer S.; Salamoni, Simone D.; Peigneur, Steve; Tytgat, Jan; De Lima, Maria Elena; Silva, Carolina Nunes Da; Vinadé, Lúcia; Rowan, Edward G.; Dacosta, Jaderson C.; Dal Belo, Cháriston A.; Carlini, Celia R. Click here
  • Proteus Mirabilis Urease: Unsuspected Non-Enzymatic Properties Relevant To Pathogenicity. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, v.22, p.7205 - 7222, 2021. Grahl, Matheus V. C.; Uberti, Augusto F.; Broll, Valquiria; Bacaicoa-Caruso, Paula; Meirelles, Evelin F.; Carlini, Celia R. Click here
  • Helicobacter pylori urease induces pro-inflammatory effects and differentiation of human endothelial cells: Cellular and molecular mechanism.Helicobacter Mar25, e12573, 2019. Souza, M. J.; Moraes, J. A.; Da Silva, V. N.; Helal-Neto, E.; Uberti, A. F.; Scopel-Guerra, A.; Olivera-Severo, D.; Carlini, Celia R.; Barja-Fidalgo, C. Click here
  • Jack bean urease modulates neurotransmitter release at insect neuromuscular junctions.Pesticide Biochemistry and Physiology, v.146, p.63 – 70, 2018. Carrazoni, Thiago; Nguyen, C.; Maciel, L. F.; Delgado-Canedo, A.; Stewart, Brian A.; Lange, Angela B.; Dal Belo, Chariston A.; Carlini, C. R.; Orchard, Ian. Click here