Laboratory of Precision Medicine and Biotechnology

Equipped for the development of projects that use high-complexity molecular biology techniques (omics era), immunophenotyping, multianalyte analysis and three-dimensional printing with bioinks.

Structure: next generation sequencer (NGS), flow cytometer, Luminex, thermocycler and 3D bioprinter.



Gabriele Zanirati
Fernando Costa Xavier
Fernando Diz
Ricardo Santos
Fábio Jean Varella de Oliveira
Normando Guedes Pereira Neto
Márcio Bittencourt Reggiori
Márcio Aurélio Marinowic
Marco Antonio Eduardo Koff
Giulia Pinzetta
Sofia Azevedo
Fernando Schneider

+55 (51) 3320-5985

Lines of research

  • Molecular Basis of Embryonic Neurodevelopment;
  • Cell models for in vitro studies;
  • Molecular biology, immunology and stem cells
  • Epilepsy associated with cortical malformations;
  • Neurology/Stem Cells.

Main projects

  • Evaluation of migration and neurodifferentiation of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) from patients with refractory epilepsy and cortical dysplasia;
  • Autologous bone marrow stem cell transplantation in drug-refractory temporal lobe epilepsy: a phase II study;
  • Cytological and molecular characterization of perilesional brain tissue from patients with Focal Cortical Dysplasia;
  • Genetic and molecular substrates of malformations of cerebral cortical development.

Main articles

  • Analysis of genes involved in cell proliferation, adhesion, and control of apoptosis during embryonic neurogenesis in Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs) from patients with Focal Cortical Dysplasia. BRAIN RESEARCH BULLETIN, v. 155, p. 112-118, 2020. MARINOWIC, DANIEL RODRIGO; MAJOLO, FERNANDA ; ZANIRATI, GABRIELE GOULART ; PLENTZ, ISMAEL ; NETO, ELISEU PAGLIOLI ; PALMINI, ANDRÉ LUÍS FERNANDES ; Machado, Denise Cantarelli ; DA COSTA, JADERSON COSTA. Click here
  • Placental maternal vascular malperfusion affecting late fetuses development and multi-organ infection caused by SARS-CoV-2. FRONTIERS IN MEDICINE, v. 8, p. 624166, 2021. ANDERSON, J. ; ZANIRATII, G. G. ; GRAHL, M. ; KRIMBERG, F. ; PINZETTA, G. ; BOREM, L. ; SAVI, D. ; Machado DC ; da COSTA, J. C. ; MARINOWIC, D. R. Click here
  • A new SYBR Green real‑time PCR to detect SARS‑CoV‑2. Scientific Reports, v. 11, p. 1, 2021. MARINOWIC, D. R.; ZANIRATII, G. G. ; RODRIGUES, FELIPE ; GRAHL, M. ; ALCARA, A. M. ; Machado DC ; da COSTA, J. C. Click here
  • Stem cell-based therapy for COVID-19 and ARDS: a systematic review. Npj Regenerative Medicine, v. 6, p. 73-15, 2021. Zanirati, Gabriele ; PROVENZI, LAURA ; LIBERMANN, LUCAS LOBRAICO ; BIZOTTO, SABRINA COMIN ; GHILARDI, ISADORA MACHADO ; MARINOWIC, DANIEL RODRIGO ; SHETTY, ASHOK K. ; DA COSTA, JADERSON COSTA. Click here
  • Migration and Synaptic Aspects of Neurons Derived from Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells from Patients with Focal Cortical Dysplasia II. NEUROSCIENCE, 2019.MAJOLO, FERNANDA ; MARINOWIC, DANIEL RODRIGO ; PALMINI, ANDRÉ LUIS FERNANDES ; DaCosta, Jaderson Costa ; Machado, Denise Cantarelli. Click here