Laboratory of Bioimaging

Dedicated to research in pre-clinical molecular imaging, using in vivo imaging methods such as micro computed tomography (microCT), positron emission microtomography (microPET) and optical imaging.

Structure: microPET/CT, in vivo optical imaging, gamma counter.



Bibiana Antunes


+55 (51) 3320-5969

Lines of research

  • Study of brain metabolism in vivo
  • Studies aimed at elucidating the mechanisms of disease development and new therapeutic and diagnostic alternatives.

Main projects

  • Strengthening human resources and capabilities on non-clinical assays of radiopharmaceuticals (IAEA BRA2018003)
  • Project supported by the International Atomic Energy Agency, and led in Brazil by CNEN/CDTN, it has the objective of increasing knowledge and strengthening human resources to conduct pre-clinical essays of radiopharmaceuticals.

Main articles

  • Clozapine induces astrocyte-dependent FDG-PET hypometabolism, 2022. Click here
  • Targeting FFA1 and FFA4 receptors in cancer-induced cachexia, 2020. Click here
  • Long-term changes in metabolic brain network drive memory impairments in rats following neonatal hypoxia-ischemia, 2020. Click here
  • Depression comorbidity in epileptic rats is related to brain glucose hypometabolism and hypersynchronicity in the metabolic network architecture, 2018. Click here
  • Ketamine promotes increased freezing behavior in rats with experimental PTSD without changing brain glucose metabolism or BDNF, 2017. Click here