• Host your event at InsCer

    Area of 248 m2 with 251 seats and spaces reserved for wheelchair users. Foyer with an area of approximately 80 m2, fully furnished and with two TVs. Space reserved for a VIP Room, also furnished and with a TV. Administrative/reception room with 13 m2.


    To rent this space, contact the PUCRS Events Center by phone or email:

    +55 (51) 3320-3566

    [email protected]


    Check the auditorium specs:

    • Stage with two 95' retractable screens and one 180’ retractable screen.
    • Two rooms for simultaneous interpretation/press.
    • A central management room.
    • Furnished dressing room with fridge.
    • Air conditioning.

    Sound specifications:

    • 11 mountable speakers, see specs:
    • Speakers: 3" WO cone PP + 1" TW dome PEI
    • Power: 50W RMS
    • Impedance: 70/100 V
    • Frequency Response: 85 Hz to 20 KHz

    The Foyer and Vip Room sound system has four built-in speakers:

    • 6" speaker and 1" PI tweeter, coaxial mount;
    • Power: 25 Watts RMS;
    • Rated impedance: 70/100 V;
    • Frequency response (@ -10dB): 55Hz - 20kHz;


    See the images:

    Picture: Marcelo Donadussi

    Picture: Marcelo Donadussi


    Picture: Marcelo Donadussi


    Picture: Marcelo Donadussi